Veolia Environmental Services was quick to ensure it landed Tasmania’s very first Isuzu FYH 2000 8x4 truck.

And since then, the vehicle has been put well and truly through its paces, with 73,000 kilometres already on the clock.

The new ‘twin-steer’ model was identified by the company for its impressive handling, reliability and suitability to the waste management application.

“The FY is the only Isuzu eight wheeler truck we’ve got, and it’s the first one of its kind in Tasmania – we were essentially the first ones to buy the twin steer 8x4 right off the production line, “ says James O’Brien, Veolia Maintenance Coordinator for North Tasmania.

Veolia Environmental Services provides environmental solutions in the fields of water, waste management and energy management and services the heavy industry, commercial, government and residential sectors.

The company has been operating in Tasmania as part of the national group for 35 years and has built a strong reputation for demonstrating industry-best practice and helping customers achieve their sustainability goals.

This can present a task in most environments, but it is made all the more challenging when faced with the hilly terrain of Tasmania.

Lucky for Veolia, impact driving is lessened due to the FYH 2000 Allison HD 4430 6-speed heavy duty full automatic transmission.

“There are a lot of challenges here with hills, and the automatic transmission in the FY is great compared to the manual transmission truck we were working with before, as we were constantly changing gears,” Mr O’Brien said.

“The truck also travels on gravel roads, in and out of tip sites and waste transfer stations, and we’ve found the maneuverability and turning circle of the truck is ideal for getting into tight spots.”

Veolia’s Northern Tasmania team currently operates 15 Isuzu trucks across the F Series range, built for hook-lift, rear-lift, pantec and liquid applications.

“I’ve been working with Isuzu products for a long time and I know the resale of the Isuzu has always been great compared to any other truck out there. When they do come up they always go for a good dollar,” he said.

“Maintenance on Isuzu trucks is cost effective and realistic, and in terms of reliability, we drive service to service and the trucks are very rarely off the road.”

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