Circa 1960’s – Volkswagen Type 2 Single Cab Truck

Spotted on the road!

In the 1960’s and the 1970’s the VW Bus was well known as the “Hippy Bus.” Although less well known in the US, we have a picture of the VW Type 2 Single Cab truck that we believe to be a 1960’s version.  As you can see, the chassis is configured with a platform and drop-down sides and a tailgate. It appears that there are storage cabinets mid-ship under the bed.

Like the VW Mini Van or "Hippy Van" version, the flat "Corvair" engine is mounted behind the rear axle and under the bed. This made it quiet inside the cab, but as anyone who followed one on a two-lane hilly highway soon learned, they had no trouble hearing the engine. They trouble they did have was the need to stay behind this underpowered vehicle until they got a chance to pass it by!

Looks like VW had the idea that even work trucks should be "stylized!" We have to give them credit for the original idea, but like a number of products it appears that they missed a few things that would make it more practical. Unless someone sees something that we don't, how is a load secured to the bed? There appears to be no way to keep the load from shifting or sliding off the back of the truck, another reason to get past it when following it closely!

A lot of innovative and great products have been come from Germany, especially from the Westphalia Region. Some may wonder if many of Knapheide's products were inspired by products from the Westphalia Region!

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