Interesting Twist On Royal Contractor Body

I was delighted to see this very interesting truck body at Lehmer's Buick-GMC in Concord CA (www.LehmersGMC.com) recently. Having worked in the truck body business for 10 years, I used to see how long it would take to make a custom body, but most body companies have a line of standardized bodies that can be slightly modified to serve the client and get it done quickly. This truck is a perfect example of this concept.

It was originally a Contractor Body, which is a flatbed with a tapered headboard, upper body boxes with open top lids like a service body, underbed boxes, a load-divider board across the back of the upper bed boxes, short "contractor style" gates around the rear, a tapered HD rack and trailer receiver and trailer plug.

This truck has been converted into a pseudo-welder body in that these modifications have been done: 1. The upper bed boxes have closed top lids which allows for mounting of things on top such as a compressor, generator and more. 2. The box on the streetside is 6' instead of 8' and moved rearward to allow a 2' gated space for a welding machine. 3. Bottle brackets, rings and chains are mounted against the headboard on the curbside for welding bottles. 4. A diamond plate steel floor. 5. This unit has a class 5 receiver instead of the more common class 4. 6. The rack was not installed because this client wanted to build a custom rack themselves.

This client worked with Royal Truck Body to create this great modification and in the process saved themselves a lot of money over building a custom "one-up" body.

See more about Royal at www.RoyalTruckBody.com

-- Terry Minion, Commercial Truck Success

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