The IsoTemp Refrigeration Upfit is Designed for Cargo Vans

The Gruau IsoTemp is a one-piece refrigeration and insulation upfit for several commercial vans models and makes.

It features a lightweight and low-profile one piece module designed for efficient climate control while retaining the maximum amount of cargo space. The IsoTemp is also designed to preserve the exterior of a van with a formfitting design which minimizes its overall size when upfitted to a van.

The IsoTemp also comes in an variation called IsoChem for pest control, chemical transport and pharmaceutical transport that features a more durable and easy to clean interior finish better suited for hazardous materials.

Standard versions of the IsoTemp are available for the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and Metris, Ford Transit and Transit Connect, Ram ProMaster and ProMaster City, Chevrolet City Express, and Nissan NV200. The IsoTemp can also be customized for food delivery vehicles, biomedical transport and catering.

Both IsoTemp and IsoChem are part of the IsoVan line of commercial van upfitting products from Gruau. Gruau is a European utility vehicle manufacturer and cargo van upfitter. The company will be showcasing its products for the U.S. for the first time at the Work Truck Show in Indianapolis, Ind.

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