Isuzu Tilt Cab Benefits vs Conventional Cab Demo

Fernando Perez with Fairfield Isuzu Truck in Fairfield CA, demonstrates a few important benefits of the Isuzu Truck Tilt Cab Chassis versus the conventional cab truck. In this case, we compare an Isuzu Truck with a 12' Stakebed compared to a regular cab 8' pickup truck. They are the same overall length, so they make the same footprint, but the Isuzu Truck has 4' more cargo space because of its design. In addition, the Isuzu Truck has only a 109" wheelbase compared to 132" on the pickup. This translates to superior maneuverability and the Isuzu Truck can turn a circle inside the turning circle of the pickup. In fact, this Isuzu Truck can do a 360 degree turn in the average city street.

You can reach Fernando Perez at 707-422-7777.

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