Cars.com Looks at Fuel-Tank Capacity, Driving Ranges of Pickups

In the market for a new pickup truck and want to know how big the fuel tank is? Or how far you can drive? Well, you're in luck. Sister site Cars.com has compiled the choices for factory fuel tanks for model-year 2016 and 2017 mid-size and full-size pickups along with the driving ranges for some of those trucks. As you might expect, depending on the segment, some manufacturers offer buyers a choice of fuel-tank sizes while others do not.

For fuel-tank sizes for 2016 mid-size, half-ton and heavy-duty pickups, click here. For 2017 fuel-tank sizes, click here. Additionally, click here for driving-range distances for 2016 mid-size and half-ton pickups (over 8500 GVWR pickups are not required to provide fuel economy ratings) and here for the same 2017 models.

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Source: http://news.pickuptrucks.com/2016/12/carscom-looks-at-fuel-tank-capacity-driving-ranges-of-pickups.html#more

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