XL Hybrids reports more gains in alt transportation

For those that get bored with kicking tires, XL Hybrids went a step further and used eye-catching portable lifts to elevate one of their hybrid Ford Transit Cargo vans so that ACT Expo attendees this past week could get a better sense for how easy it is to perform an XL Hybrids conversion.

The portable Rotary Mach 4 Mobile Column Hydraulic lifts easily elevated the upfitted Ford Transit. Sal Macias, a sales representative from Peterson Hydraulics in nearby Gardena, explained that shops can move the Mach 4 lifts outdoors to lift gaseous vehicles when proper ventilation is not available inside a garage.

This week inside the Long Beach Convention Center, the U.S. made lifts provided close-up views of the three main components XL Hybrids uses to boost fuel efficiency up to 25 percent: a lithium-ion battery pack mounted between the frame rails, an electric motor mounted on the back of the transmission and an inverter which is secured to the frame rail.

“The XL Hybrids technologies are designed to be simple, easy to install and only require minimal modifications to an OEM vehicle,” Clay Siegert, XL Hybrids co-founder and chief operating officer, explains in a company video.

“The net result for a fleet over the course of a drive cycle could be a 25 percent mpg boost for the vehicle.”
Fuel-efficiency gains like that, coupled with an easy upfit or retrofit, are attracting plenty of attention.

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