The All-New Signature Body from Supreme Corporation

Meet the most convenient, most resilient cutaway van on the road today: the new Supreme Signature Body. Supreme has redesigned and retooled their standard cutaway van, then tested it again and again to give you a versatile body unparalleled in its rugged dependability.

With Supreme's Signature Body, they've taken some bold steps to surpass your expectations. They've turned "options" into standard features. Added strength to combat potential damage. Increased cubic payload so you can carry more and get your job done efficiently.

Let's start with 10 key points, then add a few for gusto:
  • Signature Steel Frame Substructure. Supreme has built every Signature Body around a robust steel frame substructure.
  • Front FRP Wall. All Iner-City Vans come with an FRP front wall to provide extra protection against cargo damage, exterior dings and scratches, and long-term corrosion.
  • Todco (R) ToughShell (TM) Door for superior protection and longevity.
  • LED Exterior Clearance Lights are now standard.
  • Sealed Wiring Harness. Used by national leasing fleets for years, sealed wire harnesses are now standard and are designed to integrate with the LED lighting system. The result: a reduction in electrical repairs and maintenance.
  • Rear LED Recessed Lights in Rear Corner Post.
  • Roof Rail Design has an Internal Wire Track to Protect the Electrical Harnesses.
  • Internal Steel Gussets in Rear Frame.
  • Wider, Taller Rear Door Opening.
  • Puck Mounted Body. Enjoy a smoother ride on pothole-filled streets and bumpy alleyways in the only body with a puck-mounted body designed for consumer use. The same technology used by national leasing fleets, where the chassis and box move together, is now a standard feature on the signature Iner-City Van.
  • Molded Composite Front & Rear Corner Caps.
  • Taller, Steel-Reinforced Rub Rail.
  • Solid, 10-gauge Steel, One-Piece Molded V-Groove Threshold.
  • Extruded Aluminum Front Vertical Corner Posts.
  • Extended One-Piece Rear Corner.

Most of these improvements are not so noticeable in a quick look, but these are huge improvements in this van body and taken together sets Supreme apart from the crowd. For more information and locations, see www.supremecorp.com.

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