Royal Truck Body Raised Superstructure Works Well

This is a nice unit from Royal Truck Body in Sacramento, CA. It is very much like a raised Cargo Bed Enclosure except for one important thing: It doesn't open. Most Cargo Bed Enclosures have a sliding roof to open the area to access cargo. In this case, there is no sliding roof, so it is called a Superstructure. Fancy name for a permanent box.

In this particular case, the way this is made could have been a problem: Crawling into the back on hands and knees to fetch cargo. And, of course, you know it will be up front. . . Well, problem solved before it could be a problem. We put an 1800# capacity Bedslider in there and now it is absolutely perfect! Not only that, now I like the whole idea of it not opening. More security, less chance of moisture, etc.

Although this was originally supposed to be a raised Cargo Bed Enclosure, I am very pleased with the way it turned out. Just go to 'Plan B' and that works better than 'Plan A' anyway. So, here's a toast to mistakes gone right! I love it when that happens.

See more products from Royal Truck Body at their website: www.royaltruckbody.com. Tell them the 'Blog' sent you!

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