LOADSRITE Drop Down Ladder Rack from Adrian Steel

This is the LOADSRITE Drop Down Ladder Rack from Adrian Steel. This drop down ladder rack feels extremely solid and I just get the sense that this item would last through several vans even getting used multiple times daily. I didn't have that sense with some other drop down racks I've tried. The parts that get the hard use are heavy cast pieces instead of thin sheet metal. When you push this rack back into the locked position, it has just the right sound and feel of high quality and durability. I like that considering this kind of accessory will get a lot of use.

The LOADSRITE Drop Down Ladder Rack is available in single or dual side drop down configurations, as well as other configurations to suit virtually any need. And, of course, it comes from a quality company: Adrian Steel. Check out this product and the wide range of other products that Adrian Steel has to offer at www.adriansteel.com.

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