Knapheide Series 700 Service Body - Awesome!

On our tour of the expansive Carter Industries facilities in Union City, CA, I saw this unit in process of final installation. I've seen lots of Knapheide bodies (bought a few as well . . .) and you might think that what I thought was cool is the Tommy Gate G2 Liftgate. Yes, that is cool. It is also sweet that this unit was going on a crew cab Ford Lariet so the user will enjoy total luxury. Those are all cool.

What I got excited about when I saw this unit was that it was the first Knapheide "low pro" body I can recall ever seeing. The top of the lids at the bottom of the rear window makes this what I call a "low pro" body, making it look more like a pickup and a bit less like a truck body, yet still maintaining the rear truck body features. What is even more is that this is called a Series 700 body, which means that it has a long horizontal box with a small square box underneath on the curbside, while having the standard vertical boxes on the street side. This just gives the end user some flexibility that may help them a great deal.

All this works out to be a great combination. See more from Carter Industries, a Knapheide distributor at www.carterind.com. See more of Knapheide's great products at www.knapheide.com.

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