Road Service Dream Truck By Scelzi Enterprises

Scelzi Enterprises was kind enough to send me some photos of some interesting jobs they have done. Thank you, Scelzi! As I was looking through hundreds of photos, this unit caught my eye. It is absolutely unique and I have never seen anything quite like it. It was built for AAA Road Service for Galpin Ford in Southern California. They must love this truck!

What I think is interesting besides the color, is the way the boxes are designed, especially the ones on top. This is a serious mechanics truck. Look at the full house of drawers on the curbside including large size drawers. Look at the boxes on top. Get up in the back of the bed and you've got a long box on each side and one across the front of the bed. Add the fuel tank, welder bottle compartment, great work extension on the rear and you're in the luxury category. But wait. . . there's rope lighting throughout the entire body include each box (notice around the edge). Now, with a couple of flood lights they are 24-hour ready! Then, add a little bling in treadbright aluminum, crafty workmanship, thoughtful detail throughout and you have a high quality, anyone-would-be-proud-to-sell-it Scelzi body.

I can't wait to get to look at all the photos Scelzi has sent. See what Scelzi Enterprises can build for you. Call them at 800-858-2883 and visit their new website at www.seinc.com.

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