Interesting Welder Body from Royal Truck Body

Here's a sweet welder body from Royal Truck Body. Notice the great work platform with smooth steel floor and V-groove, the slightly raised front compartments. This unit is approximately 10' and mounted on a 60" CA dual rear chassis.

Something a little different on this is the streetside front raised compartment. Notice that it has a small transverse chamber specially designed to hold large gas bottles, while at the same time (or at different times), there is space for shorter bottles in the compartment itself. Very interesting design. Since the transverse area is relatively small and the welder mounted in the back hides it, one would not even suspect it exists.

My favorite part of this body is the rear work area. It is made of heavier smooth steel rather than just continuing the floor further out. Considering the pounding and miscellaneous other activities a welder gets involved in, this work area is going to be a big hit (no pun intended). It has the additional factor of looking great. It always works out best when both those elements are there, doesn't it?

Call Royal Truck Body at 800-834-7692 and please take some time to visit their website at www.royaltruckbody.com.

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Nice! Thanks for the info. Looks great.