Great Scelzi Enterprises Custom Service Body

I love this body application from Scelzi Enterprises, Inc., headquartered in Fresno, CA. Scelzi also has outlets in Washington state and southern California.

What I love about this body is how useful it can be to so many different contractors and end users. Why? Because of how the space is divided up and how it is used. Essentially this is like a 56" high service body, and because it has this cab height, the normally horizontal doors over the wheels are now vertical compartments giving the user so much more space for larger items or add more shelves for many more smaller items.

So many times in a service body, there are things that just won't fit in the compartment. Whether it is a chop saw, or some fancy piece of equipment, users need to store it away and be able to access it easily and keep it safe until they need it. In a standard service body, those items have needed to go in the open bed area where they are easily open to theft and weather. With this body, all the items are stored inside. Much like a van body in that respect; however this is way more useful than that.

Take the front compartment for example. It is a transverse compartment, so you could install long drawers, shelves, J-hooks, and many other ways to handle cargo, parts or tools. All the compartments are so deep on this body because there is no open bed area as with other bodies. Notice the rear compartment which is not normally there on a service body. A very interesting design.

Scelzi Enterprises has been building high quality service bodies for over 30 years. How do I know that? I used to sell against them--or at least try. They were never satisfied with leaving their product alone. They always were trying to make it better. Go figure!

Call Scelzi at 800-858-2883 and visit their new website at www.seinc.com. They will take great care of your needs.

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