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Brutus Truck Bodies by Nor-Mar Industries, Ltd. of Penticton, BC in Canada designs and builds custom tire decks and bodies for any size pick-up or chassis in your choice of steel or aluminum. Tire Bodies can be outfitted with high quality liftgates, tire cranes, air compressors and much more. Brutus Truck Bodies are designed to survive and thrive in the challenging Canadian environment where quality is not just important, but critical.

Here is a great smaller Tire Body for a single rear wheel application that would suit most tire companies around the world for light tire service and delivery. The body is HD aluminum, but light enough to make sense for a single rear wheel chassis. Notice how the very tall side doors swing down and out of the way to get maximum access to the compartments. At first, I thought that vertical doors might work better, but I have changed my mind looking at how unobstructed the compartments are to work out of. In this case, we open the door and find a heavy duty air compressor in the front compartment. I like that idea. It is out of sight and safe from the weather at the same time.

Of course, we have to have a liftgate and this Eagle Lift model with the grip strut platform is perfect for tire work and heavy snow areas too. I like the air holding tank mounted up and out of the way, yet the guage is easily seen. That is a perfect place for it so it doesn't take up valuable space in the bed area.

Notice also how deep the compartments are. This allows for hose reels to be installed inside the front compartment and share shelving space at the same time. These sweet boxes will carry much larger items than a typical service cabinet.

Put all of this together on one truck and you have one sweet package. Of course, you could also make use for this body in a hundred other ways than just letting the tire guys have it to themselves. Even if you took off the compressor, tank, reels and upper rack, this could serve a wide array of contractors by allowing better utilization of the lockable spaces. Nice job Brutus! See the entire lineup of great bodies from Brutus at www.brutusbodies.com.

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