The Knapheide 'Plus 50' Transverse Compartment Is A Mechanic's Dream

This is a Knapheide 11' Service Body that shows off quite a number of options that Knapheide offers, but I want to focus on one in particular: The Plus-50 Transverse Compartment. It is available in any Knapheide Service Body and comes standard with either 2 or 3 long drawers. In the case of the 11' unit, it comes standard with 3-3" high drawers with plenty of dividers to be able to carry a lot of little parts, nuts, bolts, or other small items, or remove the dividers and carry longer items.

As you can see by the photo of one of the drawers fully extended, there is a lot of space here to take care business. The HD drawers are rated at 250 lbs and have ball bearing guides to roll out and back smoothly. They are easily opened with the two rod release system which allows you to open the drawer with one hand. The drawers are also easily removable. If desired, there is enough room in the compartment to add two more 3" drawers or 1-5" drawer to the bottom of the stack to haul even more.

On the 11' unit, there is still almost 9' in the cargo area of the bed since the transverse compartment in the front compartment takes up about 2' (actually 28.43"). The transverse compartment stops at the backside of the opposite front compartment, so that on the streetside, there is a standard compartment and the transverse deep compartment is on the curbside.

I think the 'Plus 50' is a must stock option for dealers that will show off the possibilities that Knapheide has to offer in the way of effective optional solutions. I mean, who cannot use more drawers? Speaking of drawers, Knapheide can fill all the compartments with drawers of various sizes and designs, just in case you want them. See more solutions at http://www.knapheide.com/. If you want to talk to a real, live person, please call 217-223-1848. Knapheide has been serving the industry since 1848. That's a lot of staying power!

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