A Wide Range Of UD Trucks Serve South Africa

Nissan Diesel South Africa, one of the leading truck manufacturers in the country, today announced that Nissan Diesel Motor Comp`any Ltd in Japan will be renamed as the UD Trucks Corporation from 1 February 2010. The new brand strategy will also be implemented over time in all other subsidiaries and companies around the world. The process to rename the South Afican operation will also start on the same date, and it will be named UD Trucks Southern Africa.

This process for implementation of the new name and brand will be a roll-out campaign peaking during the last quarter for 2010, whereafter the dealer network will be completed within a period of 8 months.

As the UD Truck Corporation, the company will also remain part of the world's second biggest trucking group. In South Africa, as of 1 February 2010, shareholding of the local subsidiary will remain with the then to be known UD Trucks Corporation (80%) and Japanese trading house, Mitsui (20%).

"We believe that evolving from Nissan Diesel into UD Trucks provides the company with a clear vision and dedicated path going into the future - matching customer business insight with the global expertise " that will provide a platform for success, said Johan Richards, chief executive of Nissan Diesel South Africa.

Nissan Diesel SA currently has more than 50 dealers and service agents in Southern Africa, with the dedicated manufacturing facility at their head office in Rosslyn, Pretoria.

"Part of the company's vision will continue to focus on Ultimate Dependability - a message that has over time become part of the company's DNA and they way our customers relate to our services and products."

Richards continued to say that after our separation in 2002 from the Nissan passenger operation, the company's Nissan name roots in South Africa served them well during the time of being associated with their passenger vehicle counterparts, the brand change now allows the company to evolve fully as a leading trucking company.

"The brand UD Trucks will also be a symbol of this, to distinguish us from our competitors in all aspects of the business. And our trucks will continue to carry the well-known UD topmark - albeit in a more dynamic and modern guise," said Richards.

Extensive research by Nissan Diesel has revealed that customers are increasingly looking for a truck provider that can be a true professional partner, which continuously scales of products and services to better meet their business needs. The company is therefore committed to continue building closer professional relationships with their customers and offer dependable transport solutions, a recipe for future success.

Nissan Diesel South Africa has always adopted an evolutionary rather than a revolutionary approach in their dealings with their customers. As a result, the company remains committed to provide products and services that are not only of world-class standards, but are also appropriately suitable to the local environment and operating conditions.

"As we are entering a new era, with expansion of responsibilities into African countries, the company will continue to adapt to the changing needs of our customers and deliver services and products that go beyond the expected. Built on a passion for engineering, reliability and customer relations, we believe that UD offers a competitive edge in challenging market and operating conditions," concluded Richards.

About the Company

Nissan Diesel’s roots dates back to 1935, when the company was founded in Japan by Kenzo Adachi who had an interest in German diesel engines. The company started manufacturing diesel engines in Tokyo as Nihon Diesel Industry, and the next 13 years saw a number of name changes and various model launches. In 1950, the company known today as Nissan Diesel, really came into its own as it continued to supply the Nissan Motor Group with diesel engine.

The groundbreaking Uniflow scavenging diesel engine was launched in 1953 – the first to showcase the now-famous UD trademark.

In 1958, Minsei Diesel, as the company was known then, was one of the leading diesel manufacturers in Japan when it was acquired by Nissan Motor Corporation. And as such, the Nissan Diesel Motor Corporation was born.

The company continued on its road to success and by 1973 became the top heavy-duty truck manufacturer in Japan, and by 1984, Nissan Diesel trucks was exported to 140 countries worldwide.

The company has grown from a small company to an international corporation that designs, develops, tests and manufactures innovative and technologically advanced products.

Through innovative engineering aimed at generating benefits for people and the environment, Nissan Diesel applies these technologies that it has amassed in the diesel engine field, to produce an even greater range of comfortable, safe and environmentally friendly vehicles.

Local Success

In South Africa, Nissan Diesel has enjoyed a proud history of success since its establishment in 1962, becoming Nissan Diesel’s top market outside of Japan. Over the years, the company has built a strong reputation as a credible and successful truck supplier, boasting unequalled flexibility and full backing from Nissan Diesel in Japan.

In 2002 Nissan Diesel South Africa (NDSA) was formed, separating the company from Nissan South Africa and thus the passenger car operations. During the following year, NDSA moved all its facilities to new premises in Rosslyn, underlining its independence and setting the stage for a new era in which the company’s total focus became the trucking industry.

The company is resolved to offer only vehicles engineered, developed and rigorously tested to meet the harsh operating conditions in Southern Africa. Nissan Diesel will also continue to develop its footprint in the African market wherever fleets can benefit from its efficient design, state-of-the art technology, quality assembly and dependable support.

Nissan Diesel has a representative footprint across South Africa, and all dealers adhere to stringent quality requirements. As a result, Nissan Diesel is able to deliver the same level of quality service to our customers, no matter where they are.

Nissan Diesel and its dealers remain committed to providing their customers with innovative transport solutions and service offerings, built on trust, in-depth industry knowledge and a strong technical skills set.

See more at http://www.nissandiesel.co.za/.

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