Drawers Are Nice, But Sliding Shelves Can Be Very Helpful

I absolutely love drawers in service bodies. They are among the most useful of tools. One thing I haven't talked about much is the sliding shelf which can be at least as useful. Here is an example on a Knapheide 11' Service Body. Think about a tool box on that shelf, or a generator, or pump, or air compressor, or you name it. Just slide that shelf out and you have instant access. When you're done, slide it back in and it locks in position ready for the ride.

Next time you're looking for solutions, remember the pull-out sliding shelf. You might want several. Keep that equipment ready to use, but out of sight and locked away when not in use. Check the link for a very long list of options that Knapheide offers in their service body products: Knapheide Options.

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