Nor-CalVANS Transit Connect Makes Total Sense. Bravo!

As the baby boomer generation moves into its ‘silver-haired’ stage, there has never been a greater demand for vehicles that can accommodate wheelchairs. This is as true for families that need to take a loved one to the doctor, or shopping, as it is for non-medical emergency mobility vehicles needed to carry a larger segment of the population on a commercial basis.

The Transit Connect has arrived at the perfect time and the Nor-Cal Vans Adaptive Mobility Conversion offers both agility and versatility.

First the size of the Transit Connect makes it an agile vehicle, able to move in and out of tight spaces with street-smart maneuverability. The Transit Connect offers the feel of a car with the cargo room of a van. This sweet combination makes it the ideal choice for wheelchair transportation, either commercial or private. The high fuel economy (22 mpg city/25 mpg highway) is also a much-desired benefit.

For individuals, it will enable a person in a wheelchair, a driver and up to four other individuals, to be carried safely, comfortably and economically! The rear door of the Transit has been adapted, and the floor at the rear has been lowered seven inches. At the door opening, a six-foot lightweight ramp can then be opened out, making the slope of the entry to the van a very easy one.

Safety is key in transporting the wheelchair rider; ease-of-use is another key: both served well in the Nor-Cal Vans adaptation. When one opens the rear doors, there is a button that releases two front hooks so they can be attached to the wheelchair, prior to its being wheeled inside.

These hooks ratchet tighter as the chair is moved up the ramp. Once the chair is inside completely, two rear hooks attach to the back of the chair. It is now secure and ready for the vehicle to move.

When the chair needs to be removed, the button is pushed to release the grip from the front, as the caregiver wheels the rider back out of the Transit Connect; simple and low maintenance.

This vehicle will be huge for the mobility market, and you will likely be contacted by customers looking for this exact vehicle soon. Did we mention that the conversion exceeds ADA requirements?

Get all the facts by calling 800-225-7361 for Nor-Cal Mobility in Chico, CA, or visit the Nor-Cal Mobility Transit Connect website at www.ncvtransitconnect.com. Then, see all the products that Nor-Cal Mobility can do to help you and your customers at www.norcalmobility.com.

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