FVM1200 - Isuzu Truck’s maxi-cube maxi-mass solo freighter

When it comes to vehicle selection and capital investment for any transport application there’s no substitute for gross vehicle mass (GVM) to match the task. Representing a truck’s total operational mass including payload, cargo body, driver and crew, chassis/cab and any other extras, GVM can be enhanced by a low tare mass of a truck without payload. At 22,500kg GVM and a chassis/cab tare mass of only 6,630kg this is exactly where Isuzu’s new F-Series model FVM 1200 freighter in 6 X 2 configuration provides maximum cubic capacity with a high kilogram payload.

Equipped with a mass –saving, curtain-side, ‘Tautliner’ truck body the Isuzu FVM 1200 achieves a very efficient payload estimated at 13,624kg combined with a massive interior cargo body volume of 52,7 cubic metres. Overall height tops 4,225m and remains within the legal 4,3m limit. The ‘Tautliner’ body design is also a weight-saver due to the curtain sides that present all-round access to cargo and easy-loading by forklift trucks.

Isuzu FVM 1200 6 X 2 freight carrier – unique aspects
How does the FVM 1200 achieve such remarkable mass and volume capability?

A 6 X 2 truck is inherently lighter than a 6 X 4 unit as it does not carry the mass penalty of an extra drive axle, but the FVM 1200 is also not designed as a trailer puller which means it’s a much lighter yet robust truck all round for solo freight carrier applications. The low chassis/cab mass of 6,630kg leaves a useful 15,870kg for both body and payload. For example, instead of the ‘Tautliner’ body, a flat-deck cargo body, manufactured from DOMEX lightweight high-tensile steel, could result in an outstanding payload of close to 15 tons! At maximum 22,5 ton GVM the FVM 1200 rear drive and trailing axle unit is only loaded to 16,2 tons well under the permissible legal 18 ton limit – there will be no conflict at weighbridges. Isuzu rate the drive and trailing axle capacity at 21 tons – 10,500kg each – which provides this model with inherent design strength far beyond operational and legal needs.

And when it comes to volume there’s nothing to touch the Isuzu FVM 1200 for size. The 52,7 cubic metre body in the above example is based on an cargo body overhang behind the trailing axle of only 34% of wheelbase – this can legally extend to 60% of wheelbase for very light goods where volume and not mass is the major consideration and subject to mass distribution calculations.

The new Isuzu FVM 1200 is now equipped with an all steel inverted leaf spring suspension. This is incomplete contrast to the model it replaces, the FTM 1200 that employed airbags for the trailing axle suspension. The chance of a drive axle being ‘hung-up’ is eliminated and no driver intervention is needed to inflate or deflate the airbag suspension on the trailing axle for greater traction on the drive axle.

A full-air braking system with ABS control is a standard safety feature on the Isuzu FVM 1200 including an engine exhaust brake. ABS also has the added benefit of steer-ability under emergency braking reducing the skill required of drivers in potential accident situations. Standard automatic slack adjusters ensure that brake settings are correct at any stage in spite of brake lining wear.

Isuzu F-Series – the most modern technology truck model line-up
The entire South African Isuzu range, medium N-Series, heavy F-Series and extra-heavy Gigamax now include turbo-intercooled, electronically-managed engines for 2010 to match Euro 2 requirements. Utilising common rail fuel-delivery systems, improved fuel consumption is a hallmark of these new technology engines. The advantage in common rail diesel engines is very high injection pressure – over 1600 bar – that is consistently maintained from idle to maximum engine speed. This ensures clean burning in a diesel engine’s compression ignition cycle with the benefit of improved fuel economy and reduced exhaust emissions.

The Isuzu 7790cc diesel engine equipping the FVM 1200 looses no power at altitude due to turbo-intercooling – with 176kW (240hp) @ 2400rpm plus 706Nm @ 1450rpm it’s perfectly matched to the 22500kg GVM for a solo freight carrier in terms of economy and performance.

As a specialist unit the Isuzu FVM 1200 will gain even more popularity than the model it replaces as a maxi-cube/maxi-mass solo freighter

Already enjoying a strong reputation as a favourite South African heavy-truck brand, the new Isuzu F-Series is set to establish itself as the heavy truck segment class leader in every respect for safety, economy and environmental care.

Service & Warranty

There are currently 37 Isuzu Truck dealers in Southern Africa. Isuzu Trucks over 3,5 ton GVM are assembled from SKD (semi-knocked-down) packs in Port Elizabeth and from 1 January 2007 have been distributed in Africa through Isuzu Truck South Africa (Pty) Ltd. GM South Africa continues to build Isuzu Trucks, that are supplied to the Joint Venture company for distribution.

Isuzu Trucks have a class-leading warranty – 2 years with an unlimited distance or 2-year warranty for all Isuzu Trucks from 3,5 ton GVM and above. A 3-year anti-corrosion warranty for the entire Isuzu truck range completes the warranty package.

Isuzu Truck South Africa (Pty) Ltd is a local joint venture company - a 50:50 partnership between General Motors South Africa and Isuzu Motors Limited Japan

See more of the Isuzu lineup for South Africa at http://www.isuzutruckssa.com/

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