One Item That Gives Some A Bad Name

This is an example of something I have seen many times. It is not just a body on the ground, but a serious problem. This body was taken off a truck and taken into inventory for $3450.00. Yes, indeed. As you can see, the roll up door is broken, the rear panel has had something cut off and is in need of repair, there is a dock bumper laying in the back, the body needs a lot of work to make it saleable. About all it is good for is storing pickup truck bodies on the roof as shown. It's not even good enough to use as a storage shed, which is how many old van bodies live their afterlife. It's pathetic.

This unit might be worth that much--I say, might--IF it were fully reconditioned and mounted on a truck. As it is, it is worth nothing. It would cost a minimum of $1500 just to mount it and fix the door, and most likely more. So, it is a loss.

The problem is that some commercial truck manager at a dealership, decided to record a false gross profit on the sale of a truck by taking this body off and inventory it for more than it is worth. It's just robbery to do that and it gives the whole wonderful game of commercial trucks a bad name when it happens this way. They probably only had a small gross profit anyway--but in reality, they had a serious loss and the loss should have just been taken then if the decision was strong to move the truck under these conditions. As it is, this was just sweeping something under the carpet for the next manager to deal with.

Removing bodies is necessary sometimes and that's one of the things I love about commercial upfitted trucks--that this can be done. How it is done is very important. The inventory amount of the removed body must take into consideration, the remounting costs and reconditioning costs in the future. It doesn't matter if it is a new body or an old used body like the one here, the body should not be inventoried for more than it will be worth down the road. Charge all the intended depreciation, mounting costs, reconditioning costs to the current deal and do it right. Then, get the unit on a truck as soon as possible. The person who did this particular job is either a thief or an idiot and either is bad business.

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