Working 11' CTEC SuperStructure Caught In Dixon, CA

While having lunch at Mary's Pizza in Dixon, CA, I spied this nice working truck. It's an 11' CTEC (California Truck Equipment Company of Downey, CA). It's mounted on a Ford F350 84" CA chassis cab. Looks like the rack area is used a lot considering the two ladders to get up and down and there sure is a lot of space up there. There is also a nice conduit box on the streetside. Notice also the light bars on the cab roof and at the top of the rear on the body. What else is interesting is the vented rear doors on the body and the running boards on the chassis.

You can call CTEC at 800-567-2832 and visit their website at www.ctec-truckbody.com.

This unit was owned by California Water Service Company, and back in the day, we used to sell them many units. They were great customers.

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