Stellar Introduces New 17,000 lb OTR Tire Service Crane

Garner, Iowa – Stellar Industries, Inc. is introducing the Stellar® model 17000 OTR tire service crane and the TM7120 tire manipulator. It was designed from the ground up to provide maximum lifting performance and solid stability in the off the road tire service market. This is the largest OTR tire service crane available in the market that will mount on a single axle truck.

The model 17000 crane has a 17,000-pound capacity at 10-feet and 10,000-pound capacity at 17-feet from the centerline of the crane. It offers 320 degrees of rotation with the use of a top mounted planetary drive that offers smooth, powerful performance with ease of serviceability. It features a hexagonal boom design, a well-known Stellar crane feature, that adds strength and durability and an exclusive radio remote control system that offers precise, smooth, multi-function operation. The crane is supported by a hydraulic fold down style stabilizing system that offers over 18-feet of spread. The model 17000 can be mounded on a single axle truck with a 17’ body or a tandem axle truck with a 20’ body.

The new TM7120 tire manipulator is an option for the model 17000 crane. The TM7120 can manipulate tires from 48” up to 123” in diameter and up to 7,200-pounds. It features over 300 degrees of body rotation, and either fixed or continuous rotation clamping pads. The tire manipulator articulation spans from +79 degrees to -43 degrees. The crane and manipulator combination can also place a tire on the bed as close as 51” from the back of the crane.

A complete package is available with a crane, tire manipulator, steel service body, radio remote control system and an SHD-245 air compressor. The SHD-245 is an industrial truck mounted 4-cylinder, 2-stage compressor powered by a hydraulic motor and outputs 110 CFM at 175 PSI.

“Over the years Stellar has become the leader in OTR tire manipulating cranes,” says Tim Davison, manager of bodies and cranes. He continues, “Stellar achieved this status by its unequivocal ability to listen to its ever changing customer’s needs, as is the case with the 17000. Our customers asked us to develop a crane with increased capacity while still remaining on a single axle chassis, and we did just that, and more.” Davison
concludes, “We started with a clean slate and designed a strong, smooth performing crane from the ground up. Not only is it the highest capacity crane available on a single axle chassis, it is also designed and built strong, and easy to maintain and service.”

Stellar Industries, Inc. was founded in 1990. It is an employee owned and operated manufacturer of hydraulic truck mounted equipment located in North Iowa. Products include hooklifts, container carriers, cable hoists, telescopic cranes, articulating cranes, and the X-Tra-Lift, as well as complete mechanic service truck packages, and tire service truck packages. Stellar is a progressive company that focuses on its people, as they are the key to making the products and the company successful.

For more information regarding Stellar Industries, Inc., visit www.stellarindustries.com, or call 800-321-3741.

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