Knapheide KUV-CC Spotted In Chico, CA

This is a sweet rig--a Knapheide KUV-CC on a crew cab Ford chassis. Notice also the Tommy Gate Aluminum Liftgate which helps get those really heavy things in and out and save a good deal of weight at the same time.

This truck belongs to Leo Gunther of Leo Gunther Enterprises in the Chico, CA area, who specializes in Audio and Video Solutions. They do small jobs, but also do large jobs like stadium sound systems, large building systems, conference center audio-visual systems and much more. You can reach them at 530-321-9057 and visit their website at http://www.leoguntherent.com/. They also have another site selling pro audio equipment: http://www.proaudioblowouts.com/.

Thank you to John Lawless, associated with the National Ford Truck Club for sending me this shot.

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