New Slider26 Sliding Jib Hooklift Available From Stellar Industries

Stellar Industries, Inc. is introducing the Slider26 hooklift. This new 26,000-pound capacity sliding-jib hooklift offers 5 different hook height options, including two hydraulically adjustable versions, and can handle body variations of 12 to 18-feet with a maximum dump angle of 68-degrees.

Hook height options for the Slider26 include fixed 35.63”, fixed 54”, fixed 61.75”, hydraulically adjustable from 35.63” to 54” and hydraulically adjustable from 54” to 61.75”. Adjusting the hook height can be done in less than 20 seconds without ever leaving the cab. With optional bolt-on inside and outside hold downs, the Slider26 features compatibility with bodies from over 43 different hooklift models, both Stellar brand and competitive brands alike.

Other standard features of the Slider26 include hexagonal boom design for added strength and durability, zinc plated pins to prevent corrosion, bushings and grease zerks at all pivot points, and a secure hose track for the hydraulic adjustable jib. This hooklift features easily replaceable wear pads, two-part polyurethane paint and a new, efficient mounting kit that will save installation time by using slotted brackets already painted and welded onto the hooklift base.

“I really think the industry is going to take notice of the Slider26 and its innovative features,” says Glenn Rasmus, Stellar product manager for demountables. “The ability to adjust the hook height without ever leaving the cab will save valuable time while allowing a great deal of diversity in accommodating so many different bodies.” Rasmus adds, “It’s now possible for a company who operates competitive brands of hooklifts to buy from the market leader without the need to convert the hook heights on their existing fleet of bodies.”

See much more from Stellar at http://www.stellarindustries.com/.

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