Highway Products Helps You Do More, And Do It With Style!

With a 3/4-ton single rear wheel truck, you can get as much done as a much larger dual rear wheel 1-ton truck, but the problem will always be load versus GVWR. The photo above is a great answer to have this sweet loaded Dodge crew cab and have a serious work truck at the same time. Use aluminum for the bed. It's very lightweight and super strong at the same time, so you can carry more stuff instead of hauling around a heavy steel body and much less of the things you need to carry.

Here is a custom unit from Highway Products in Southern Oregon. Don't let their location throw you because they ship all over the world. This unit starts with their aluminum HD flatbed and adds aluminum underbed boxes with a very attractive wheel well insert, then to top it off and make it really useful, check out these contractor style boxes with the big compartments and the open top lids for all the small parts, or really long tools. It all works together to create a serious work truck in a uplevel, comfortable truck, and it is very fuel efficient, and cost effective. The body will outlast the truck, so you can use this body for several trucks!

Call my friend, Jim Lenford, sales manager at 800-866-5269. You can also buy right on their website at www.highwayproducts.com.

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