Adrian Steel Drop Down Ladder Rack On Nissan NV High Roof Van

Todd Goldmeyer, Marketing Manager with Adrian Steel gives Ryan Stone of Commercial Truck Success (www.ctsdealer.com) a demonstration of the Adrian Steel Drop Down Ladder Rack system on the high roof Nissan NV van at the 2011 NTEA Work Truck Show in Indianapolis.

Considering the height of the roof and how much interior space a ladder takes up, this is a great solution for being able to carry the ladder and have easy access to it any time. In addition, it allows one to carry a ladder that may be longer than the internal space would allow.

As with all Adrian Steel products that we have seen, the quality is built in and it is built to last. See more at http://www.adriansteel.com/.

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Hanna M. said...

My sister bought a new Van it was a dark red van..and yesterday her husband makes a way to installed a racks on the van the stainless one..