Selling Isuzu trucks on the hoof

The compact overall size of the Isuzu Grafter 3.5t rigid chassis cab, matched to its impressive 150bhp power output, is proving to be ideal for SKS Foottrimming Service Ltd. One such vehicle has just joined its vehicle fleet offering mobile preventative and curative foot trimming services for cattle herds in the South of England.

The Isuzu Grafter N35.150 (S) has been fitted with a brand new purpose-designed, rollover crush that secures the animal in position in a fully approved safe and humane manner prior to treatment. The animals are held securely in the U-shaped crush, which slowly lifts the animal up and lays it gently on its side, allowing easy access to the animal’s feet for trimming, especially the front feet.

The crush itself operates from a DC battery bank so no localised power is required, enabling hoof trimming work to be done out in the fields. Up to 40 cows can be trimmed without the need for mains power supply. The specialised bodies also have high-powered petrol pressure washers fitted onto the crush, with a turbo rotary nozzle, to facilitate cleaning of the equipment after work.

“We had a 2003 model trailed crush that needed replacing and the Isuzu Grafter was the perfect choice of vehicle for the replacement crush. The compact nature of the Isuzu means we can easily reach the remote farm locations and it certainly provides us with a more powerful and robust chassis on which to mount the sturdy rollover crush. It’s proving to be a most valuable addition to our vehicle fleet and is now servicing dairy and beef herds on farms in Southern England,” said Jon Clarke from SKS Foottrimming Service Ltd.


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