Located alongside Melbourne's Yarra River in the north-eastern suburbs, the specialist landscape supplier's focus on sustainable gardening has enabled the company to build a loyal customer base over the years, allowing it to grow from a small nursery to a full-service art and garden centre.

BAAG Manager, Alastair Cooper, said he opted for another Isuzu truck based on the company's previous experience with Isuzu as well as the brand's resale value.

"When we were shopping for a new truck, we wanted a vehicle that was reliable and easy to maintain - Isuzu was better than the competition in terms of price and specification," Alastair said.

"Isuzu's reliability is also exceptional and our experience driving Isuzu trucks has been very good along with the resale value of our older Isuzu truck."

Fitted with a factory-built 3.8 metre cubed tipping body, BAAG's Isuzu FRR 500 delivers landscaping supplies to a range of residential, commercial and local government gardening customers.

According to Alastair, a slight modification was made to the truck's tipper body to improve load security, while enhancing the company's visual presence on the road.

"We installed hungry boards, a middle gate and a retaining wall on the tipping body to ensure that fragile saplings, mulch and sand are protected from the wind when we are driving," Alastair said.

"The dual-bay systems on the tipping body have also allowed us to become more efficient with our deliveries.

"Furthermore, BAAG is involved in a range of local community activities and having the extra space to show off our vibrant livery is an added bonus from a marketing perspective."

Working in busy construction sites and delivering supplies to residential areas, Alastair said the Isuzu FRR 500 Tipper's cab-over design and large front and side windows provided the drivers with an unrestricted view.

"The Isuzu cab provides our drivers with very good forward and side vision," Alastair said.

"We often deliver to residential estates and crowded construction sites where there is a lot of activity - having large front and side windows is a great safety feature.

"Our drivers have also found the Isuzu FRR 500 Tipper very manoeuvrable with a great turning circle for a truck that's over six metres long."
According to Alastair, another outstanding feature in the new Isuzu FRR 500 Tipper is the truck's easy-to-use cabin layout.

"The Isuzu FRR's cabin layout is brilliant, the instrument buttons are well positioned and practical, while the ISRI air-suspended seat provides an enhanced level of comfort when driving," Alastair said.

Operating in a variety of conditions ranging from crowded city streets and construction sites to highways and park tracks, Alastair says the Isuzu FRR 500's SiTEC engine provides ample power.

"The Isuzu engine has been very reliable and provides plenty of power for our application," he said.

"The truck's engine has had no problems hauling its maximum gross weight in a variety of driving environments ranging from take-offs in crowded city streets to highway travel at 100 kilometres per hour."

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