“R” Series Replacement Tailgate Spreader

Dixon, Illinois, USA – Replacement tailgate spreaders from Bonnell Industries are designed to replace the existing tailgate, providing the highest spinner ground clearance possible. They are engineered for use with light, medium and heavy duty trucks. The hinged bottom cleanout door cannot be fully opened without disconnecting the hydraulic hoses, providing the ultimate safety for your operator. Our auger is driven by a direct drive hydraulic motor. Our full-width agitator is driven by a roller chain off the auger shaft. You can rely on the agitator and 6” or 9” auger with return flighting to ensure constant material flow. Both the R-69 and R-99 replacement tailgate spreader models fasten to existing dump body hardware for fast mounting and removal without the use of special tools

Standard features include: full-width agitator driven by a roller chain off the auger shaft; two hydraulic motor operation (one at the auger and one at the spinner for independent variable speed control); 3/16” bottom clean out door with special safety feature; adjustable height hot dip galvanized spinner assembly, pin onto bottom door, with 18” poly spinner disc. Highest tailgate spreader spinner ground clearance available.

“Our replacement tailgate spreaders offer quality, durability, convenience and safety,” Joe Bonnell, President of Bonnell Industries, states directly.

For more information, Bonnell Industries Inc. can be reached at: 1385 Franklin Grove Road, Dixon, IL 61021 Phone: 815-284-3819 (Office) 815-284-8815 (Fax) joe@bonnell.co, (email) Website: www.bonnell.com

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