A Slight Design Change Makes Perfect On Knapheide Welder Body

Here's an 11' Knapheide Service Body for an iron working company with a raised front compartment on the streetside. It is a vented compartment and are most often used for gas bottles used in welding operations.

The body has the master locking system including a separate locking system for the raised front compartment for extra security. The body is mounted on a Ford F450/550 chassis.

One thing that is unique about this truck is the rack. First of all it is mounted on the inside top edge of the service body which provides maximum strength via the angle iron mount, adding to the extra strength of the straight leg design. It is forklift loadable. But that's not what is unique. What is unique is the way the front section is mounted and designed to incorporate the raised front compartment. And, what is even more unique is how the design of this portion allows the rack to have the normal height above the cab that it would have if it weren't for this obstruction. We see so many racks that don't do this and then end up having a large gap between the rack and the top of the cab. This makes the rack harder to use and it also doesn't look quite right. Bravo!

You could call this a welder body, yet welder bodies are quite varied in design depending on the welder buying it. Another quality Knapheide product delivered to a satisfied user and built by California Work Trucks in Union City, CA. See more from Cal Work Trucks at www.calworktrucks.com.

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