New Product Spotlight: Venco VP6 Dump Hoist Designed For Newest GM Pickup Trucks

CINCINNATI, OHIO (12/1/2011) --- Venco/Venturo Manufacturing, Inc. is proud to announce the launch of its newest product: the Venco VP6 Dump Hoist for 2011/2012 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra pickup models. Part of Venco’s VP6 Series, the scissor hoist turns an 8’ pickup box into a 6,000 lb. capacity dump truck—ideal for contractors, landscapers, ranchers, municipalities, or anyone else who needs their good-looking pickup to do real work.

The latest features of the VP6 include: integrated hinge and bumper brackets; greaseless composite bearings in the hinges; and complete custom engineering for 2011/2012 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra pickup models, ensuring proper installation and perfect fit.

"I’m proud of our team for taking our original, tried and true scissor hoist and integrating it into a new truck design," said Brett Collins, president of Venco/Venturo. "It’s clear now that GM and Ford are here to stay, and that they will remain the dominant forces in the pickup truck industry. We have hoists for both, and the VP6 is a well thought-out customization to fit the newest pickup trucks in use today."

Venco/Venturo Manufacturing, Inc. has been engineering and manufacturing truckspecific hoist kits for Ford, Chevrolet, GMC and Dodge full-size pickups since 1979. Every Venco hoist is designed for a specific vehicle, with completely hidden installation, retaining the original look of the vehicle.

An integrated lifting nest, hinge assembly and body stiffener forms a rugged body understructure to rigidly support the pickup floor. The bumper relocation kit maintains the original look of the vehicle and a Class II hitch rating, and allows for a 45-degree dump angle.

The combination electric/hydraulic pump offers industrial strength performance in single acting (gravity down) and double acting (power down) versions. Safety prop and handheld pendant controller comes standard.

The new design of the scissor mounting hardware requires minimal welding, speeding
installation by an hour or more. Contact Venco at 800-226-2238 to find a dealer near you. OEM distribution agreements are available in select markets for approved up-fitters.
Venco/Venturo Manufacturing, Inc. has created a specialized line of high-caliber cranes and hoists for generations. Rugged, tough, made in America and built to last, Venturo’s quality craftsmanship is backed by straight talk, real expertise and superior customer service. For more information about Venturo’s complete line of cranes, bodies, hoists, workforce trucks and accessories, visit
 www.venturo.com. Follow on Twitter @venturocranes.

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