Pre-Publication Announcement Of Commercial Truck Success Book

"This book has been a long time in my mind, and now it is about to become a physical reality. This month the book, Commercial Truck Success, Building or Rebuilding an Effective, Successful, and Profitable Commercial Truck Operation within a Retail Auto Dealership, will be published and available in trade softcover and as a Kindle version as well, both available on Amazon.com before the end of this month.

If you like, you can click on the book image on the sidebar of this blog and pre-order the book. It will be shipped via priority at no extra charge. This book is worth many thousands of dollars and will sell for $100 including shipping

Here are some quotes about and from the book:

"This book is designed to offer a detailed overview and strategy for improving any commercial truck operation. Especially, it will help those dealers who are thinking about getting into this market or who have been dabbling in it. Dealers will understand how a commercial truck operation can be dramatically improved and how they can grow it as quickly as possible, with profit." -- Excerpt

It's about time someone unlocked the "secrets" to harvesting the rewards of the Commercial Marketplace. All it takes is a plan, a little diligence and some brains. Well, you have taken care of part three for any interested parties; your work can only improve the way resources are expended and sales are consummated.

Once again, my hat is off to you for this accomplishment. It was kind of you to send me an advance copy soliciting my feedback; all that I have to say is: "Yours is a job well done."

On behalf of myself--but also undoubtedly for those of us toiling in this marketplace--a very sincere thank you!"
--Dudley De Zonia, President, Royal Truck Bodies

"I've been involved in the commercial vehicle business for more than 25 years. During this period, I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Terry Minion in a number of different capacities for close to 20 years. I can unequivocally say Terry is recognized as an accomplished professional by his peers and colleagues

His book would be a great resource for anyone in the industry. It provides the reader with a realistic perspective of how to develop and maintain a commercial vehicle department within the framework of an automotive dealership environment." -- Harry E Larkin, Commercial Financial Services Manager, Western Region at Nissan Motor Acceptance Corporation

"Terry Minion approached me when I had just started a commercial truck sales team at my dealership. After listening to Terry about how he had personally done what I was attempting to do, I thought I can do this with Terry's help. We forecasted how we would build our sales team and our sales over the next three years. Everything we set goals for happened with Terry's guidance."
-- Paul Brown, Commercial/Fleet Manager, Larry Geweke Ford

"Commercial Truck Success is a treasure chest of information on how to build a successful Commercial Truck Department for any dealership. The unique B2B components of selling work trucks are highlighted throughout."
-- Kathryn Schifferle, MBA, Executive Direction, National Ford Truck Club

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