The eponymous hero of the film Kenny is best known for his trials and tribulations as the face of port-a-loo business Splashdown.

For people outside the toilet hire industry, it's difficult to know where fact begins and fiction ends in Kenny's fictional world. Dunnys R Us Operations Manager, Nick Van Zeyl, was more than happy to shed some light on the matter.

Nick says while the bulk of the customers serviced by his business are on construction sites in Melbourne and regional Victoria, Kenny's work at various events strikes a chord.

"The movie didn't really shine a light on the construction site side of things, but it certainly picked up on how things can unfold at events," he said.

"I can see parallels between the movie and reality, it really just depends on the day and the type of work we're doing.

"It's certainly delivered a little more recognition to our industry, which I think is a good thing."

Not that Dunnys R Us relies on the big screen to boost its customer base.

The company currently hires and maintains more than 2500 pieces of equipment - toilets, portable showers, temporary fencing, rubbish cages and scaffolding, to name a few.

Steady growth over the past 15 years has seen Dunnys R Us expand from a one-man operation with six toilets and one truck, to a staff of 30 and 20 fleet vehicles.

Nick says this has led to the expansion of the business from its Bayswater headquarters to satellite offices in Laverton, Geelong, Drouin and Alexandra.

"Today, our bread and butter is building sites all over metropolitan Melbourne and country Victoria, and we also service special events like the Australian Open tennis in Melbourne and the women's surf carnival at Phillip Island," he said.

"We also provide mobile toilet trailers to the Metropolitan Fire Brigade whenever there are fires, and to other emergency services when needed. This means we're on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week."

Dunnys R Us has used Isuzu trucks to get the job done since it began operations in 1993.

Nick has recently upgraded two of the business' pump trucks to Isuzu FSR 850 Longs after being impressed with the reliability of an older 2006 FSR 500 medium and a 2006 NQR model, which are still hauling equipment for Dunnys R Us after five years.

The medium duty FSR 850 Longs are rated at 14,000kg GVM, and coupled to the SiTEC Series III 235 engine - which produces 176kW of power at 2,400rpm and 2,600Nw of torque at 1,450rpm - the set-up is ideal for the application.

As always, driver comfort remains at the fore in the FSR 850, thanks to the Isri 6860 air suspended seat fitted as standard.

"When I'm buying a truck I look for dependability and reliability," Nick said.

"Each week the guys average 1,200 kilometres and the trucks are on the road for a minimum of 60 hours, so we need our vehicles to be reliable - and that's what we get with Isuzu.

"We're happy to pay for quality and buy Isuzu because we know we're not going to spend more on maintenance, servicing and chasing insignificant parts.

"You might pay a little extra, but when you buy an Isuzu you get a real truck with real truck parts, and you're less likely to have to spend a fortune on maintenance."

Dunnys R Us has specified the new FSR 850s with a 7,000 litre waste tank and a 1,500 litre fresh water tank.

Next on Nick's shopping list is an Isuzu to transport a crane and scaffolding for Dunnys R Us. With extra long variants currently available in the Isuzu FRR, FRD and FSR model ranges, he has plenty to choose from.

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