Crew Cab Ford Chassis with Landscape Body and Trailer chosen by Valley Crest

Valley Crest Landscape Companies has chosen a diesel crew cab Ford chassis with a landscape style body and backpack style storage cabinets between the cab and the chassis. It tows a tandem open style trailer. The body is outfitted with a cab protector, barn doors and is equipped with a dump hoist. It is shown here with the barn doors open as well as the cab door. Notice the body is being used here to transport plants for insertion into the landscape in this food store parking lot islands.

This truck/trailer was spotted in a parking lot in Tampa, FL. As this truck idled, the crew was busy loading the trailer with debris, mostly tree limbs and brush that has been removed. This trailer has its own hydraulics and is capable of dumping the load.

Valley Crest Landscape Companies may be found at http://www.valleycrest.com/

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