Many Light Duty Trucks Back Up HD Sewer Truck on Construction Project

By: Steve Taylor

This Freightliner mounted with a Camel Model 1200 sewer and catch basin cleaner is being used for a Sewer Transmission Force Main Replacement project in Tampa, Florida. As with many or most construction projects, there are a multitude of other trucks used for transporting supervisors and workers as well as other equipment and tools.

This Knapheide service body "backs up" the sewer and catch basin truck. This Hillsborough County unit, mounted on a Ford Chassis carries tools and equipment and is outfitted with a pipe carrier cage. Note the traffic cones and the water cooler, pretty much standard equipment needed for roadway based construction projects.

This United Rentals Ford Crew Cab flatbed was used to carry crew and rental pumps to the jobsite.

And this Ford pickup was likely used by the contractor supervisor to the jobsite. In all, I counted 6 light duty trucks present on this Hillsborough County project.

Countryway Boulevard Force Main Replacement
The $1.3 million project will include the construction of approximately 5,700 feet of new, 16-inch sewer transmission pipeline along the eastern side of Countryway Boulevard, from Woodbay Drive south to Waters Avenue.

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Guest Post by Steve Taylor: Steve specializes in lean six sigma process improvement. He focuses on consulting with landscape / snow removal contractors, truck fleets, equipment distributors and manufacturers in the work truck industry. He may be contacted at steve@truckarchitect.com and his website is http://www.upstreamsource.com/

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