FUSO Contractor Work Trucks

Whether you’re a plumber, roofer, electrician, HVAC or other contractor, a dependable truck is the most important tool of your trade. Mitsubishi Fuso’s line of contractor, construction and dump trucks have a well-earned reputation for reliability. Just like you. Be prepared for the new Canter to take your work ethic to the next level while lowering your cost of ownership through superior fuel economy. In testing, the Canter delivered 8.45%* better fuel economy than an Isuzu commercial work truck, and improved to 13.8%* better when the Canter’s ECO Mode was engaged.

It will transport you, and up to 2,200 pounds more equipment, tools and supplies than an Isuzu can carry, to any job site. With its rugged, ladder-style steel frame, a Canter contractor truck can haul it all — from self-contained utility bodies, storage and tool boxes to shelving, racks and more. And with its short turning radius and excellent visibility, you’ll be in and out of work sites and residential neighborhoods safely and quickly, and on to the next.

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