What you can expect from your Spartan Service Truck Body

This workshop on wheels is preferred by general contractors, HVAC, plumbers, handymen, decorators, painters, carpenters, cleaners, and remodelers. You can work standing up inside, plus custom shelving and compartments keep you organized at the job site.


    Gain added convenience on the job site by using the horizontal compartment door as a workbench; it can also be lowered flush to the sidewall
    Save time by organizing and storing tools with up to 5 spacious compartments per side (based on truck body length); with two adjustable shelves per vertical compartment accommodate bulkier tools and equipment
    Load and unload your cargo and tools with ease in a low-profile design with low floor heights that allow you to access what you need without using a liftgate
    Enjoy a bright interior work space with a durable and lightweight 3/8″ FiberPanel® PW (FRP) white side wall panels
    Minimize front wall damage with a heavy-duty FiberPanel® PW (FRP) front wall
    Load large cargo – even sheets of plywood – with the extra room of the true interior truck body lengths and 48-1/2″ double-swing rear doors
    Work comfortably in your cargo area with the stand-up truck body height interior


    Enjoy more cab room and stand up to move between the cab and cargo area with a full-height cab-access door (cutaway only); Note: Shortens interior truck body length
    Load, store and quickly access long items, such as PVC, conduit or copper pipe, with a pipe door
    Organize and store your cargo and equipment with custom interior fixed or adjustable shelves above compartments
    See and access tools more easily from the interior with a sliding, reach-through Plexiglass® door for the horizontal compartment
    Save time by storing and accessing your ladder more efficiently  with a ladder rack and rear access ladder
    Keep cargo safe and secure with a Master Lock®
    Acquire additional towing capabilities with a hitch receiver

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