9' Steel Dump w/Many Options On F450 Gas Chassis

Kent Fry shows off a interesting truck. This is a 9' 2-3 Yard Steel Dump Body mounted on an F450 60" CA gas chassis. The Dump Body has several options such as a PullTarps roll up tarp to cover the load, fold-down sides so that you can load with a forklift or off-load easily over either side. It also has a dual acting tailgate that can fold-down like a tailgate on a pickup to extend the length of the bed temporarily. In addition, the tailgate has a coal chute opening, sometimes called a grain chute, a class IV receiver and trailer plug, and an underbed box on the curbside.

The body is mounted on a gas F450 chassis. This saves a lot of money over the more common diesel, yet for this customer, the vehicle will be used within the county and saving on the overall cost was helpful.

To see more, go to http://www.FairfieldWorkTrucks.com, or call Kent Fry at 707-337-2921.

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