"The Big Boy" of Commercial Trucks: The F-550 HD Payload Pkg

Please turn sound up

Paul Brown of Geweke Ford in Yuba City CA shows us what he calls, "the Big Boy" in commercial trucks. This is the Super Duty F-550 HD chassis with the payload upgrade to 19,500 lbs. GVWR, and GCWR tow maximum of 33,000 lbs. If you have heavy equipment and tow as well, this truck has the stuff. The body mounted on this chassis is a Scelzi 12' Combo Body. The Combo Body has a work platform on the rear that is the perfect height to work from in the field. A lot of contractors prefer the combo body for that very reason.

You can see more on the specs of this body on the Scelzi website as http://www.seinc.com/truck-bodies/com..., and more about Geweke Ford at http://www.geweketrucks.com

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