Why the Ford Transit Makes A Better Service Body Truck

Mike Lopez of Royal Truck Body shows us many reasons why the Ford Transit Cutaway Chassis with a 10.5' Royal Service Body may be a better choice than the conventional F250 or F350 chassis.

Some of these features are, the cab feels roomier, more options are available, much more glass area, great mirrors, rides less like a heavy duty truck, handles extremely well, rear vision is excellent, the chassis sits lower to the ground so entry and exit are easier, the body sits lower to the ground so you get a full size body but you don't have to be 6' 3" to see inside the open top lids. This units sits in about the same space as an F250 with an 8' service body and yet this has a 10.5' body with deeper compartments too. Getting in and out of the back of the body is easier too. The list goes on.

See more about Royal at http://www.RoyalTruckBody.com

This video was shot at a Nor Cal Ford Truck Club event in October 2015

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