Tesla: Trucks Are Coming


Elon Musk's most recent master plan presentation for Tesla's future officially includes a pickup truck and some types of commercial vehicles.

According to USA Today, Tesla will be venturing into the light- and heavy-duty pickup segments at some point in the future. No timing details have been given yet.

In fact, what Tesla CEO Musk actually wants to do is completely revolutionize the auto industry, the energy industry and even space exploration, any one of which would be daunting. We have to admit, going after all three of these massive undertakings makes it a little difficult to take the idea that an all-electric set of pickups or big rigs are on the horizon.

To date, no major manufacturer is making an electric or hybrid pickup truck. The only success story in the category is the fleet-biased repackaging company VIA Motors, but sales have been relatively low and sluggish compared to other pickup makers. With that said, we do think there could be a place for such a pickup, especially if it offered some unique features and capabilities.

In the meantime, it's possible both Ford and GM (and maybe Toyota) could come to market relatively soon with a hybrid powertrain before Tesla announces the next phase of its newest master plan.

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Source:  http://news.pickuptrucks.com/2016/07/tesla-trucks-are-coming.html

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