The Best Tool In The Shed by Terry Minion

I want to talk about a tool that benefits the end user. It is rare to find such a tool that serves the end user, the prospect, the dealership, the salesperson, and the entire marketplace at the same time. It is innovative, effective, easy to use, and is in operation 24/7/365; that is, if you have it.

If I were to start a commercial truck department at any dealership anywhere in the United States or Canada, this would be the very first tool I would purchase. And, I would never let it go. As I become more familiar with what it can do and be and how it can serve everyone involved, I would be celebrating this tool as not only my best tool, but THE best tool.

This tool is Work Truck Solutions. If you already have it, I cannot even imagine you letting it go, and if you haven’t yet got it, I cannot recommend it enough. It is not an option. It is an absolute necessity.

There has never been a tool like this for a commercial truck department at a dealership. In the past, showing the commercial inventory was not only a challenge, but fraught with navigation issues, lack of photos, showing a pickup image for a service body, and much more. Now, there is a specialized program to manage not only a dealership’s own commercial inventory, but more importantly, helps them to sell trucks that they don’t really have. I’ve always loved having more inventory available than I had, and I used to do that with partnerships with other dealers, and now that is a built-in help. 

From a prospect, or an end user’s point of view, now the commercial truck inventory makes sense. It is searchable by body type, and a lot of other options. When someone wants a service body, they can click that box and all they will see is service bodies—those that are currently in stock and those that reside in a wide area that are available quickly. If they want only diesel service bodies, they can add that criteria to the search and see only diesel service bodies. This way the prospect or end users, gets the information they need, and can then call to see more about it. It’s as near a perfect system for finding what end user’s need in the way of commercial trucks as anything I’ve ever seen.

Although in my mind, having that inventory displayed in a way that makes it easy for the end user, is the biggest benefit, it doesn’t stop there. The ways that the sales team and managers of the department can make use of this tool extends the value greatly. It is easily one of the most helpful tools in managing commercial truck inventory. What’s even better is that the dealership’s participation in the efforts to get the units online is minimal in comparison to the way it was. Much of the inventory data is uploaded directly from the manufacturers computers systems, to make it so much easier to just fill in the rest.

I could go on and on and on about this fantastic tool. No, no one is prodding me or paying me, or even encouraging me to mention this product. I just believe in having the best tools possible, just like any crafts person might want. This is the sharpest and most effective and will be the most used tool in the shed. And, the benefits of Work Truck Solutions will continue to grow as they continue to improve their product. See more about Work Truck Solutions at www.worktrucksolutions.com.

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