Do You Believe Price Shoppers?

One of the hardest things to get--and one must work at it all the time--is NOT to believe price shoppers when they say they are buying, or have bought because of a better price. It's hard to get because it is so easy to believe. Yet, I don't know about you, but I do a lot of shopping and although price is an issue, it is not my decision threshold. It may get my attention and it may look attractive, but I always look past that to see what it is and to see if the VALUE is there.

Another thing is that people hate to say the real reason they make a decision, especially if they feel they would say something unkind, like they don't like you or don't like the way you treated them. So, the easy and believable way out is, "I got a better price/deal/services." They are being kind, yet misleading.

If they bought elsewhere and you really want to know the truth, ask with sincerity of helping you become better at what you are doing. This way, they will feel okay to state more of the truth--yet not necessarily all of it.

When I was a brand new salesman in late 1972, I followed up with a lady who had come in. She said she bought one. I said, "Do you mind telling me why you bought from that dealer so that I might improve my skills?" She said, "you didn't call me until today. You should have followed up with me." It kind of took my breath away, but I got the message.

Price is always a consideration. It can cause movement. Some buy price, but only about 4%. The rest buy value. Value may be a combination of many things and much of that may be very, very human. Sell your value, your expertise, your way of solving their problems, your follow up, and your long term service, but don't ever believe the "price shopper." You may have to remind yourself daily.

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