Working the Net

Networking, let me count the ways. . . If you're not already networking on a regular basis, now would be a really good time to get more of that going. Here's some ideas.

Le Tip International is a combination of local networking groups, but it is much more than just networking, it is pretty much a guaranteed referral system. When you join, you are required to refer business (a tip) to another member or members of the group and vice versa. The more they know about your business, the easier that can be for them. Only one person from each career field is eligible to join so that all the referrals for the product or service you sell come only to you. There is a membership fee and a monthly fee, but the uniqueness of the system assures you a return. Consider the investment. They typically meet once a week in the lunch time frame.

Local Professional Business Clubs. Here's a local example: Vacaville Business Club. Go to Google and type in business club and your city and see what comes up. There are probably hundreds, maybe thousands of these clubs. The idea is to help each others business by referral prospects to each other. Where Le Tip is a requirement, many of these are probably more like network clubs where you have to work it more, but they probably cost less as well.

Chamber of Commerce. Here's a local Chamber site: Vacaville Chamber of Commerce. There is an annual fee to be a member, but they have quite a long list of events every month and the opportunity for you to network with other business people in your area is huge. Consider joining your local Chamber of Commerce.

Service Clubs. Lions Club, Kiwanis, Rotary, and other such clubs can be a great benefit for your business and your gifts. Most concentrate on being of benefit to their communities through their local chapters. This along with regular meetings and events allows you to get to know a lot of people and also be a part of something important. In the process, many people get a lot of business and referrals.

Start your own professional referral club. There are many ways to network locally and to improve your business and exposure and to be of value in your community as well. Many of these will take a little time each week, but the returns can be very beneficial.

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