Keep Your Sanity

The way to keep your sanity is to not do the same thing and expect a different result. In other words, if you choose to do the same thing, you would be wise to expect the same result you've been getting. Don't be surprised. Frustration comes from expecting a different result along with a number of less appealing emotional responses.

Here's another way to keep your sanity. I learned this many years ago and it continues to serve me: There is no right or wrong way. That is purely and simply a judgement. There is only your way, my way and their way. Each way is a way and each has its merits and each has its consequence. It is only a way. It may not be your way, but it is a way. Someone pulls a stupid (judgmement) move in front of you with their car in heavy traffic. Well, that's interesting! I wouldn't have thought of doing it that way, but they obviously have . . .

The best way to keep your sanity. Feel good. You get to choose how you feel about anything and at all times. Choose to find a way to feel good. Pump yourself up. You can be of little value to anyone else if you aren't of value to yourself. Smile. Sing Jingle Bells in July. Have fun.

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