Ever Been Fired?

Have you ever been fired from a job? I have at least twice that I can remember. Heck, as a manager for over 25 years, I fired a few more than that myself. Being fired can be a bad day for many, but the times I got fired were among the best I've ever had. Certainly the last one was such a high, I felt as if I were on a cloud the weight being lifted from my back. It was a glorious day!

Regarding the people I had to fire, two of them were very difficult and very emotional, but everyone felt relief afterward.

There is nothing like a decision to get the blood moving back to the brain. Most of the time, I think people know that it is coming, they just don't want to have to deal with it, but after the first take your breath away moment or two, when you realize you're not only still alive, but breathing nicely, a wash of relief comes over you.

If one lets the fear of the unknown future out of the way, some very constructive things can take place. A new enthusiasm can be born. A new career. Finally the chance to do something different. There's nothing like that feeling. It is exciting. There are so many possibilities!

Some of my mentors from the past who got fired, went on to become one of the best in their field. Firing is just a decision and it can be a great one!

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