It's All About Solutions, Not Price

Solving problems, providing solutions is the name of the commercial truck game. Here's an example of this that we saw mid-year 2008. This customer replaced 5 Ford Cutaway units with steel plumber style bodies because they had to make a number of trips each day to and from the warehouse which cost them time and money.

In addition to that, they were having trouble with diesel engines that was also costing them time and money. The customer wanted to load up the truck full for the day and not have to come back to the shop. They wanted to keep moving from customer to customer. They are plumbing company.

The customer found a solution with a Hackney Aluminum Plumber body mounted on the new Dodge 4500 with the Cummins diesel. He replaced all 5 in one purchase with this arrangement. I asked how it was working out and he said he was thrilled with the change. He said that now he can load up with no overloading concerns and keep the trucks out all day. I asked him if he didn't mind telling me the cost of the bodies. He said $16,500 each.

It's not about the money, it's about the solution. He paid close to double what he was paying for the other trucks, yet feels the value was well worth the cost. Besides that, it is a great looking truck. I saw them after the signs were painted on the sides and they look great.

Even with sales off the mark, customers still need solutions to problems and will do what they need to in order to solve them. In this case, he replaced his entire fleet and all were special ordered and took time to arrive.

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