Brutus Bodies 9BL48A Aluminum Service Body.

This is one awesome mechanic's service body from Brutus Bodies in Penticton, BC. Since I just love drawers in service bodies, it doesn't get any better than this! It's almost nothing but drawers! Sweet!

This is the 9BL48A Aluminum Service Body for a 60" CA dual rear chassis. The body length is 108" plus a 7" bumper. Cabinet depth is 24"! Doors are a heavy 1/8" aluminum with 1/8" glue bonded aluminum hat section stiffeners with 3 point locking system and polished stainless steel hinges. Flooring is 3/16" aluminum diamond plate. Cabinets are 1/8" huck-bolted aluminum. See all the specs on their fantastic website.

Speaking of websites. This site is without a doubt the best site for a body company I have seen to date. I rave about it's perfection! See for yourself: www.brutusbodies.com.

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