Supreme Iner-City Radical Delivery Van

Here's a radical solution for delivery and short run services. It is an Iner-City Van on a Chevy Single Rear Wheel Cutaway chassis. This particular one is 10' long. The overall length is about that of an 8' pickup truck. It has barn doors on the rear which is rare, but not unique. What is unique is seeing the super wide shutter door on the curbside with a full length grip strut step.

The value of this to me is that this makes a super local delivery vehicle. Of course, you could make longer deliveries since it will carry approximately 3,000 lbs. I see it going to auto parts houses, pool cleaning services, supplies deliveries for a wide variety of business needs, flower & plant delivery, small package delivery and hundreds of other delivery tasks.

How it works well in these deliveries is obvious with the huge, wide shutter door which rolls up into a ball in the top so that it doesn't take any space inside the upper van body away from cargo. I doubt that the barn doors and the side door will operate at the same time, but here is a photo that show both open.

What's really cool about this is the very low height of the floor and how you can walk right up to it and pick up cargo, boxes, other items while keeping your back straight. You can also reach quite a distance into the body without using the step. Then, the main door is on the curbside, so in larger cities, you can parallel park and make a delivery very easily or by double parking and keep the delivery driver out of the street.

All of this in a lightweight aluminum body that is plywood lined and of course, the short overall length makes it a great vehicle in tight areas. I think this unit is a huge hit. Thanks to Supreme Corporation for the expertise in building this sweet unit. This unit was built at the Moreno Valley, CA plant. You can contact them at 800-827-0753. Check out all of the products that Supreme can help you with at www.supremecorp.com.

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